The Gingerbread Man Is Home!

The mailman brought it to the door during breakfast. Isaac had to hurry and finish his cereal before he could open the package.
Dsc 0002Sm-2
So exciting! The envelope feels so bulky and heavy! What kinds of things from Germany could be in there?
Dsc 0009Sm-2
There is our gingerbread man!!!!! He must have been hittin’ the Guinness pretty hard to be wearing lederhosen during the cold winter season (or any season haha!! ).
Dsc 0012Sm-2
Yummy! The kids found the candy…gummies and chocolate money, mmmmmm. “Kids, you check out the gunmmies, while mommy investigates this chocolate.”
Dsc 0015Sm-1
Dsc 0024Sm-1
And here’s the whole lot. Kelly did an amazing job with this project! The photo scrap book includes all of the photos in my previous post, a local recipe and a written account of the trip. Also a pic of gingy with a good looking military dad;) Hi Sean!
Dsc 0029Sm-2
And, of course, I knew eventually I was going to have to share the chocolate…
Dsc 0032Sm-2

2 Responses to “The Gingerbread Man Is Home!”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    That is unbelievable!! WTG Kelly! 😀

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    Thanks for sharing the unveiling …. If your gingerbread man is ever required to go to Maryland, we volunteer to show him around.

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