Our Gingerbread Man Did Some Traveling

One of Isaac’s current school projects is to send off a paper gingerbread man out of state. We traced out a pattern and cut him out of brown paper. Isaac drew on a face and we sent him off to Germany to be further decorated and sent back with some cultural flare for a great learning experience.

Kelly and her three girls (and baby brother) went above and beyond with the project, and sent us these great photos of our gingerbread man dressed up in lederhosen, checking out the local sites.

Getting ready to head out…


Here comes the bus!




Christmas market…



Bruder Grimm Statue…


Farmers market…


Pizza Hut…


Gummi bear store…


Our adventures into Pseudo-homeschooling through Connections Academy, have been AWESOME. Isaac loves it. I love it. We just casually login to our account each day, whenever the heck I feel like it, and we go through our handful of (well balanced) assignments. It takes us a couple hours and we don’t have to go anywhere, pack any lunches, or be harassed with any fees, fundraisers, or overcrowded classrooms. We can join in on field trips, or not.

This week he just added Spanish, as an elective. He mastered 1-10 and we are waiting on our CD to come in the mail for the next lessons. We will definitely be continuing on with this schooling!

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  1. jen Says:

    What a cool project! Happy that it’s working out so well for you!. 🙂

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    That’s awesome they did that….

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