dusting of snow

We don’t see a lot of snow around here, so its very exciting to watch the tiniest of flurries coming down! The kids bundled up and spent a good TEN minutes outside, checking it out.

And my poor chickens finally got the boot out of our living room. The not-so-baby-sized poops were really starting to smell “fowl” and a thick layer of dust was covering our stuff (eeewww!). The coop is still incomplete, due to the rain and other things, so we modified the brooder box for temporary outdoor housing.

It now has a little doorway and ladder ramp, a rain proof top, and attached play yard. It sits under our deck, out of the elements, and a light inside the box adds a little warmth. Hopefully the full coats of feathers will be enough, and they do seem to be doing okay.

They are so funny. They heard around in a pack and didn’t quite realize they could come in and out of the box as they please. One chicken went in to eat, so they all piled inside, where they stayed for the next day and a half. It wasn’t until I reached in the top and pulled a chicken outside, did they all pile back out.

As you can see from the “snow” pic, we don’t really live in a chicken rearing type of neighborhood. But they are surprisingly quiet in the backyard. And we are enjoying our little flock!

Dsc 0005Sm-1

The unfinished coop is barely seen in the backyard here.

Dsc 0003Sm-1

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