Got my new brown-toned backdrop today and tested it out on Luke. This is just cracking me up! He does not look too happy to be sitting in a basket, does he? Our good dog, Luke.

Dsc 0032Sm
Also, I have been trying to tempt the chickens with tasty treats like lettuce and fruit with absolutely no interest. I finally decided to do a little worm hunting in the backyard and see if the chickens might be big enough to go for it. Were they ever!!!! Oh my God, it was a frenzy in the box. The first chicken snagged the worm and ran around the box trying to keep it away from the others and find a place to eat. The rest of the chickens dove in for the steal, and the poor worm ended up in three pieces, pecked and devoured.

The entire show brought out the sadist in us all, as we all peered into the box watching with excitement. Even Jason, who wasn’t interested in getting his hands messy with worm slime, grabbed a second worm out of my hand after he saw the first massacre.

Good times!

And we will definitely get some video of this. Jason has had some issue with the computer not recognizing the video camera. Hopefully he can get it figured out soon. Its something he put on the back burner, but I’ll start annoying him:)

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  1. Jeffrey Says:

    I’ll get the beer and nuts ready for the video …. Who doesn’t like to watch a good worm slaughter…

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