Chickens are one month and getting big.

Too big for their box, actually, and the coop is still a work in progress. Jason wanted to go fancy with the plans, and even upgraded the door width, “so we could pop the mower right up in there…” in case the chicken thing doesn’t last. I like the way he thinks! ha ha ha!

I got so sick of them getting shavings and poop in their water, I tried raising it up on a can. It worked like a charm, and we’ve had clean water for two days! However, as you can see by the photo, now they can watch TV with the kids…one chicken at a time, anyway.

Dsc 0005 1Monthsm

Dsc 0001 1Monthsm

3 Responses to “Chickens are one month and getting big.”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    Do they make any noise?

  2. Zoe Says:

    “peep..peeep..peeep. Peck…peck…peck” all day long. I wish we could get the darn video camera stuff to load onto the computer.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    LOL! I am literally laughing out loud at this picture of the chick watching television! That is so cute.
    Hey, I take it you’re a professional photographer? I might be interested in your services soon.

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