Two weeks with the chicks

They had a sudden growth spurt, and are fly/jumping quite high in the box already. One perches herself on top of the feeder somehow. Now that some red feathers are poking out, I can see we mixed up the two breeds a bit. Oops!

Dsc 0006 Week2To3Sm-1

This little one looks so different than all the rest, with the long, skinny white neck and head. And “he” is the most domestic. He runs for me, to be pet, when I put my hand in and he looks up for me when he hears my voice, as shown in the pic. None of the other chicks do this. Because he looks so different, I am wondering if we have a little rooster in the brood?

Dsc 0016 Week2To3Sm

And here you can see the feathers growing out a little…

Dsc 0022 Week2To3Sm

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  1. omi Says:

    wittle babies! I will be coming over soon to play with babies, and to see xanders sweet gap. too bad he didn’t get a little grey tooth like me eh? oh. I guess I will see you too ; )

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