Chicks are one week old, and I am down to 10

I was hoping to be loving my four chickies by now, but had some fallout with my orders and still have six extras. They are running around the brooder box in our living room, having a great time. They love to kick all of the bedding into the water dish, the moment I clean it out.

Here’s one little fella. My goal is to get some light in those beedy black eyes some day. But, this one is in a mini-studio on the kitchen table (aka, piece of paper with chicken on it). I should take a pic every week to share the progression from cute chick, to awkward “teenager,” to full sized chicken.

Dsc 0007 1Weeksm

2 Responses to “Chicks are one week old, and I am down to 10”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    Love the photos. Now how about some video of the chickies while you still have a few more than four?

  2. Zoe Says:

    I totally agree, and we took some video but now the computer is not recognizing the camera. Waaaahhh! We’ll work on it some more.

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