“School” pics 2006

Isaac is five! The big kindergardener…

Dsc 0042Sm
Dsc 0040Sm

Xander is two and 3/4…

Dsc 0053Sm

Dsc 0007Sm-1

Jason and I with our “mini-me.” What will the the third baby look like??

Dsc 0030Sm

Dsc 0078Sm

17 week belly…

Dsc 0083Sm

2 Responses to ““School” pics 2006”

  1. 2nd sis Says:

    Those are some really good pictures. I especially like the pictures of the parents and the mini-mes, that picture of Xan and you is great! By the way the prego belly is looking good. Talk to you soon,

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    Nice photos… I love the way you get the eyes…

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