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One more.

Dsc 0007Favchicksm

Pumpkin patch…

Wednesday, we went to the pumpkin patch with the kids and their cousins, and the corn maze was HUGE and muddy! And the kids rode a cow train, squished together in one cow. Apparently, Xander cried during all the bumpy parts. Poor guy.

Later that night, Jason and I went to the Regina Spektor concert and it was FABULOUS! She is awesome. A great performance with her amazing voice, and excellent humor. The only bummer was the general admission, my short stature, our position in the back, my pregnant self, standing in one spot, no place to sit, and not able to drink. There you have it.

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Dsc 0018Sm

Our crew, leaving me in the dust…

Dsc 0019Sm

It melts a mother’s heart to see her two boys take care of each other. Isaac had his arm around his younger brother, for the ride.

Dsc 0023Sm

Another brother

Yep, we had the ultrasound and its another boy. Wowee, three boys. Even though it’s what I was expecting, I am having a “pensive” day, instead of an excited day. Now throw in some Smiths, in my iTunes, and its really hitting me.

Every time I hear The Smiths, I fly back to 16, riding the city bus, with my walkman, to my pottery class at the community college. While I worked on my ceramic boxes and coil pots, others made bongs and nude sculptures. It was a fun group:D

In other news, I sold the extra chicks to a guy that works at the feed store, and we are down to the five we picked out for ourselves. It was supposed to be four, but Jason got soft and held back an extra chick while I was packing the extras to go. And he is at Home Depot right now, getting our coop supplies.

Now we have to think of a boy name. So far, I tossed around “River” (my mother groaned at, and that is why we didn’t tell anyone last time!!!), But Jason vetoed it, and I just evened the score when I vetoed his “Ezra.”

If anyone out there is having a girl and still looking for a name, I have one “Lotus” up for grabs.

I miss our little nephew Jacob!

Dsc 0003Bwsm

Two weeks with the chicks

They had a sudden growth spurt, and are fly/jumping quite high in the box already. One perches herself on top of the feeder somehow. Now that some red feathers are poking out, I can see we mixed up the two breeds a bit. Oops!

Dsc 0006 Week2To3Sm-1

This little one looks so different than all the rest, with the long, skinny white neck and head. And “he” is the most domestic. He runs for me, to be pet, when I put my hand in and he looks up for me when he hears my voice, as shown in the pic. None of the other chicks do this. Because he looks so different, I am wondering if we have a little rooster in the brood?

Dsc 0016 Week2To3Sm

And here you can see the feathers growing out a little…

Dsc 0022 Week2To3Sm

Our first small trauma

Xander slipped and fell on the concrete, at the park. I saw him fall and it seemed he caught himself with his hands. He must have made contact with his face to the ground for a split second, and it was enough to fracture one of his front teeth in three places!

After telling me his tooth was broken, I saw what looked like two teeth. Like a second tooth was pushed out over his baby tooth. But it was his one tooth broken and rearranged with the impact (::::::shudder:::::::).

Here he is with his fractured tooth, too damaged for repair:

He was sedated and the broken tooth was pulled. He will have a gap, right in the front, for the next 3-4 years. My little guy. Its so weird to see this broken smile.


Have you had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Dewey?

A new search engine She gets really impatient with your search request, and gives out some nice stingers for various search words. Jason and I got a kick out of her response to our “windows xp” search.

Chicks are one week old, and I am down to 10

I was hoping to be loving my four chickies by now, but had some fallout with my orders and still have six extras. They are running around the brooder box in our living room, having a great time. They love to kick all of the bedding into the water dish, the moment I clean it out.

Here’s one little fella. My goal is to get some light in those beedy black eyes some day. But, this one is in a mini-studio on the kitchen table (aka, piece of paper with chicken on it). I should take a pic every week to share the progression from cute chick, to awkward “teenager,” to full sized chicken.

Dsc 0007 1Weeksm

A session today: RJ

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“School” pics 2006

Isaac is five! The big kindergardener…

Dsc 0042Sm
Dsc 0040Sm

Xander is two and 3/4…

Dsc 0053Sm

Dsc 0007Sm-1

Jason and I with our “mini-me.” What will the the third baby look like??

Dsc 0030Sm

Dsc 0078Sm

17 week belly…

Dsc 0083Sm