Blazed through the Jenna Jameson biography…

And it was quite entertaining!

Not a read-aloud for the kiddies, but fun for this mom-of-suburbia to peek into another world. Several times I was laughing out, and re-reading some lines to Jason:)

Wednesday will be my first OB appointment, and heartbeat check, and it can’t come soon enough. I’ve had this fear the baby is dead inside me. It’s amazing how ignorant I was the first time around, when I thought nothing of never feeling the baby all the way up to 25 weeks. I didn’t know enough to be worried, and blissfully thought nothing could ever go wrong…until it did.

Searching iTunes for a Bob Dylan version of his “Knockin on Heaven’s Door,”

I ended up with this Avril Lavigne rendition instead. The shame of it! You like?

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  1. 2nd sister Says:

    how was yesterday? hopefully good. Let me know.

  2. barbra Says:

    Hope everything went okay at your appointment. I’ll have to pick up that book sometime. They way you were describing it at the party–it sounds like a real laugh.

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