Jason gets the Macbook

Since I am cutting back my hours at work, and money will be a little snug, we had to go shopping! Why do we do that? And when two geeks go shopping they don’t come home with shoes or a bag of new clothes.

Here we are opening the new Macbook. We spent a good 10 minutes with the “iSight” camera, warping our faces and laughing hysterically.

We don’t have this cool feature on our Dell monitors. I should mention, the portrait on the wall, behind the sofa, is NOT that HUGE. Wow!

Photo 7
And I have to wait 3-5 business days for my splurge. We are getting a video camera!!! I am still enjoying photography immensely, but cinematography has been interesting me…and seems like another level of knowledge I would love to explore. With a good foundation of aperture, light, composition, white balance, lenses…etc, we could both have fun applying this to a fully adjustable, HD video camera.

Our first feature is sure to be starring Super Isaac and his trusty sidekick, Xander Man. The three minute film, might not be released for more than a year. I assume it will take me that long to figure out all the buttons.

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  1. Jeffrey Says:

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with all your new geek gadgets. The possibilities are endless once this stuff gets in the hands of people like you with creative/artistic minds. I’m sure you will be wowing your family, friends and readers.

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