One stinkin’ night away from the kids in the last five years…

…and we live it up in a swank hotel, get our drink on, do a little dancing, do a little smooching on the city streets at night. We did it all! One thing we did not do, is pay our usual strict attention to pregnancy prevention measures. The optimistic number of condoms I packed (even though one would have been sufficient), remained in their packages at the end of the weekend.

When we returned home, and back to the reality that is our life, we also regained our sensibility. Surely one time would not be a problem?

Oh yes, apparently it was. We have now come to realize that our little family of four will have to make room for one more, expected in March.

This is actually my 4th pregnancy, having lost the first baby at 25 weeks. Each pregnancy has gotten worse and worse, as far as high blood pressure, heart arrythmias, swelling, weight gain…etc. I am going to cut back on work, and hope this one is better.

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