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Dirty guys

I finally grabbed the camera to capture my own kids, but only for a quick snapshot of their filthiness. The story I get from Xander is that Isaac was throwing dirt at him.

Dsc 0090111-5 Dsc 008511-4

Love this little guy

Dsc 0026 12X12Thumb


I’ve been working nonstop on the photography stuff all week, and looking forward to relaxing a bit, and maybe getting some new ones of my own kids. Xander’s hair is still growing and becoming quite a fro of curls.

I am also actively trying to get our rental house occupied. I’ll get a call to see the place, run over there, and sit out front for 15 minutes to confirm yet another no show. Its like the kids ringing the doorbell and making a run for it, and I’m looking for the bag of flaming poo.

I should start a list of clues potential renters give that serve as red flags. All of these have presented so far :

1. Smoker voice. And a pause of silence when told it is non-smoking.
2. When told a credit check will be done, “yeah we are waiting for social security to get approved, and we are trying to sell our home before it gets taken, but we will make 42k on the sale.”
3. “Credit check? oh (sigh of disappointment).”
4. “I’m self employed.”
5. “Heres the thing…”

And I am most leery of callers who immediately say, “Hi, I’m calling about the house for rent and how do I get an application?” With no mention of wanting to see the place first. Granted all of those callers are spanish speaking, so it might just be a language barrier thing.

Hubs created a website just for the rental. Anyone want to move?

Those first steps…



Isn’t she adorable! A fun session from today.

Dsc 0070Small

Dsc 0076Small

Dsc 0077Small


Apparently, the Washington County fireworks display is a thing of the past?? Thanks to Casey and Aundi, we got to watch a few in front of the house. It doesn’t matter what super duper deluxe package of (Oregon legal) fireworks you buy…every single one will look the same. And here is what you get…

Xander screamed about them being too loud, and then covered MY ears. What a gentleman we are raising:)

One more….thanks to Caroline and her Jason

Of all the snapshots I took, we didn’t have any shots of the group, and this is fantabulous! All of us squeezed into the booth at Scooters. Bravo Two Jason!

Happy Fourth to all those enjoying the day off, or holiday pay. We’ll be doing some work on the house and watching the washington county fireworks from our car, per usual.