Freedom at last!!!!!!!

This weekend was the very first weekend EVER, since having kids, Jason and I went away for the weekend ALONE!!! There were so many things we could have done with our weekend, it was hard to make a decision.

Our first thought was a romantic get-away to the beach…well, our FIRST thought was Vegas, but too spendy for the short notice, and the beach seems like something I’d like to have the kids with us for, so that idea was scratched.

We finally decided to keep it semi-local, and stay at the Hotel Deluxe downtown, enjoy the city for a weekend and spend our Saturday getting a massage and spa at Finlandia.

It was FABULOUS!!!! I took my camera and got tons of pics that will be turned into a slideshow for your viewing pleasure. There was lots of dining, shopping, drinking, dancing…and hanging out with friends I don’t see enough.

Here’s a preview…with an unusual number of pics of ME! ha ha ha. I usually hide behind the camera, but since I don’t get out very often, it needed to be documented.

Me and my main squeeze. Damn he is hot, isn’t he?

Dsc 8417Sm

My two oldest buds, Caroline and Barbra…just missing our friend Jen in Seattle.

Dsc 8413Sm


Dsc 8457

And, Ms Chastity Frustration, singing about her pussy cat. We mustn’t forget her now.

Dsc 8475Sm

Whew! Lots more of the sweet hotel, clubs, restaurant and spa to come, but I am tired now:)

2 Responses to “Freedom at last!!!!!!!”

  1. Jen Says:

    I wish I could have been there. 🙂 Looks like you had a great time.

  2. StephanieS Says:

    How fun!!! Color me jealous as all get out! And yes, quite the hottie you have there. 😉

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