My favorite hike

A little hike today, with the family and Kathleen. For some reason, my feet are swollen up like two pillows now. Too much salt intake maybe.

As usual, I lugged the camera and hardly took any photos that actually capture the day. A nice one of Kathleen…

Dsc 0011Sm2-1

And my take on the Portland Rose Garden…ha ha! Okay, at first I just had the black and white, and it seemed sacrilegious, somehow.

Dsc 0020AsmbwDsc 0020Asm

After the hike, we had lunch on 23rd, and Xander was being his usual loud talking self. The people in the next booth were obviously annoyed when my comment about Xander’s lack of “volume control” was echoed with an irritated, “Yes, there IS volume control…!” Meaning a better parent, I assume.

I don’t know how something so small could deflate my entire afternoon, but it is something I struggle with, as a parent. I felt the same sense of indignation, when we just had Isaac and he was an absolute angel in restaurants, theaters, etc. With Xander’s polar opposite personality, it seems we can’t go anywhere, without a struggle. He’s two and a half.

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  1. Kathleen Says:

    Love the pics!! Thanks for a great hike Zoe that was fun! We’ll have to think of more fun things to do together.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Thanks Zoe, I went with that camera, I am totally excited. You can take me out and show me the ropes when I get my new camera. Yeah!

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