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The slideshow, as promised…

I was having trouble coming up with the perfect song, but than said “screw it!” and grabbed one of my royalty free stock, and it works.

So, its basically Jason and I taking turns snapping pics of each other at every restaurant, then at the spa, then at the first bar, Scooters. From there we went to the night club Aura, then upstairs to another night club, The Fez. The Fez had the best atmosphere, as far as music and people, but it was very toasty up there. All of the pics show our shiny, sweaty faces…(okay, maybe just mine).

From there we walked down to the Embers, another club/bar, and then walked all the way back up to our hotel. We had a blast and hope to do it again soon!

Here’s the slideshow

Freedom at last!!!!!!!

This weekend was the very first weekend EVER, since having kids, Jason and I went away for the weekend ALONE!!! There were so many things we could have done with our weekend, it was hard to make a decision.

Our first thought was a romantic get-away to the beach…well, our FIRST thought was Vegas, but too spendy for the short notice, and the beach seems like something I’d like to have the kids with us for, so that idea was scratched.

We finally decided to keep it semi-local, and stay at the Hotel Deluxe downtown, enjoy the city for a weekend and spend our Saturday getting a massage and spa at Finlandia.

It was FABULOUS!!!! I took my camera and got tons of pics that will be turned into a slideshow for your viewing pleasure. There was lots of dining, shopping, drinking, dancing…and hanging out with friends I don’t see enough.

Here’s a preview…with an unusual number of pics of ME! ha ha ha. I usually hide behind the camera, but since I don’t get out very often, it needed to be documented.

Me and my main squeeze. Damn he is hot, isn’t he?

Dsc 8417Sm

My two oldest buds, Caroline and Barbra…just missing our friend Jen in Seattle.

Dsc 8413Sm


Dsc 8457

And, Ms Chastity Frustration, singing about her pussy cat. We mustn’t forget her now.

Dsc 8475Sm

Whew! Lots more of the sweet hotel, clubs, restaurant and spa to come, but I am tired now:)

More Charlie


And Charlie tries to do a self portrait, but the timer was difficult for him to manage…I still like this one a lot!

Dsc 0027Small

Luke turns into a Schnauzer

I couldn’t stand another day of Luke’s shaggy, dirty, matted hair, and took him in for a desperate cut at the Petsmart. He usually gets trimmed by my sister, and I should have waited. He came back with a cut on his leg and a raw back. Poor little guy!

Its nice to see his face again…


Dontcha think this recent shot, of a dog named Charlie, needs to be blown up big for the family portrait gallery?? LOL

Dsc 0079 8X10Sm

I should have a gallery just for dogs. I’ve photographed enough of them…ha ha!

Just a little Xander

After eating his sandwich, he called me over to help him with a “little” bit of jelly that got on his pants, I was expecting to see a small blob, but instead found a huge sticky mess. This was after I wiped it up.

Dsc 0006Small

My favorite hike

A little hike today, with the family and Kathleen. For some reason, my feet are swollen up like two pillows now. Too much salt intake maybe.

As usual, I lugged the camera and hardly took any photos that actually capture the day. A nice one of Kathleen…

Dsc 0011Sm2-1

And my take on the Portland Rose Garden…ha ha! Okay, at first I just had the black and white, and it seemed sacrilegious, somehow.

Dsc 0020AsmbwDsc 0020Asm

After the hike, we had lunch on 23rd, and Xander was being his usual loud talking self. The people in the next booth were obviously annoyed when my comment about Xander’s lack of “volume control” was echoed with an irritated, “Yes, there IS volume control…!” Meaning a better parent, I assume.

I don’t know how something so small could deflate my entire afternoon, but it is something I struggle with, as a parent. I felt the same sense of indignation, when we just had Isaac and he was an absolute angel in restaurants, theaters, etc. With Xander’s polar opposite personality, it seems we can’t go anywhere, without a struggle. He’s two and a half.

Productive day!

Its been an entire year since we ripped out the ugly patio/rotten cover thing as described here. Today, we finally decided the time had come to fill in the void, and build the deck. Unbelievably, Jason had the whole job completed in five hours with the “deck block” system, that requires no digging of holes and no cement.

Later on, we can add some rails, a step and something pretty to hide the blocks showing from below. Maybe next year:)

Dsc 0001Sm-1

Dsc 0008Sm-1

Dsc 0009Sm

Dsc 0027Sm

Dsc 0029Sm

Pics of our growing hair. Xan and I, that is…

Ask, and you shall receive! lol. I can’t believe I let Isaac take this pic with my big D200. His little hands managed the back button focus and the shutter, without dropping it. Whew!

By the way, a recent conversation with Isaac started with:

Isaac: I want to be a photographer when I grow up.
Me: You don’t want to be a nurse?
Isaac: No way! I’m a boy; I don’t make milk!
Me: Is that what you think I do at work all day?


So, yeah…wow. I managed two french braids tonight. Wooohooo!! And Xan let me play with his hair for about a nanosecond.

Dsc 0010Sm
Dsc 0008Tsm Dsc 0002Tsm

Izzy Wizzy Pizzy Poo

Izzy Wizzy I love you! That’s what we call our Isaac. He’s our little Izzy, or mostly just “Iz.”

Dsc 0017Asm-2

Ladies and Gents we have a pony tail!!!

I’ve been slowly and painfully growing out my hair, and recently reintroduced the scrunchy successfully. Wooohoo!

Since a couple years into our marriage, my hair has been shortish, with an a-line cut off and on, mostly because it sort of fell off after the birth of our first son. And Jason pretty much hates it short and longs for his old Zoe back. That would be the scraggly, long hair…naturally curly but kinda thin hair Zoe. The kind of hair that requires a wash and a fresh blow dry to look healthy for about 30 minutes.

But it is nice to be able to pull my hair back, and it was all worth it yesterday, when my babe told me he likes my hair and I looked like the old Zoe he fell in love with.

Its the least I can do for him, considering all of my “requests” he has obliged over the (six) years of our marriage. It makes me wonder if other couple have similar “rules” for eachother.

My “rules” for him:

-med/longer sideburns (looks much better on him)
-can only buy his clothes at the Gap. (That way he can choose anything he wants and pretty much can’t go wrong, lol)
-If you want to buy shoes, do not go to Target.
-leave the accounting to me

His “rules” for me:

-no going out with his shirts on
-no grabbing his butt in public
-no leaving my clothes on the floor wherever I happen to take them off.
-Knives pointing down in the dishwasher. (I know, marriage is a collection of little things, isn’t it?)

Of course, I still grab his butt in public and he still gets seduced by Target, but the love is strong.

Look at my hottie here. You see that little notch of ear missing on the right? That is not congenital, its where I took a nibble because he is so ultra delicious.

Dsc 0046Sm-1