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El houso is a dumpo

I finally got a client’s huge portrait order out, and the next session online for viewing, and can maybe relax. Except that I have a list of possible clients I need to contact for scheduling. It will be nice when we have a better workflow for everything. Jason and I spent a lot of time with a DVD slideshow and label design, that I hope won’t take nearly as much effort, now that we have it worked out.

I decided to have Isaac’s birthday invite printed on a 16×20 collage, since I needed a sample and it came out fabulous! I can’t wait to pick out some samples for larger prints and a canvas.

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It seems that all I write about is my photography stuff lately, but…

We have a list of other things going on as well. Jason is into his softball season, with several games, tournaments and practices. And we still need to get moving on our rental house adventure. I feel bad that it’s all work Jason will do, and I hate nagging him about it. But, seriously, my wimpy arms barely make it through 30 minutes of painting.

He’s almost finished, though (I think I’ve been saying that for months! ha!).