Day trip

I’ve been inspired, by Kathleen, to do a little hiking at Multnomah Falls today. The family and I did the one mile hike to the top and back. Two miles, total, actually.

Amazingly, Isaac walked the entire way on his own. We brought the jogger and the Ergo carrier, just in case Isaac got too tired, but used only the jogger for Xander. Xander did quite a bit of his own hiking, as well. So, it was a great day of exercise for us all.

The big bummer is, because of the misty rain, I left my new camera home and took the Nikon D70. I had forgotten how AWFUL the in-camera exposure meter is, and most of my pics were overexposed in all the wrong places. I can’t believe I used to fight with this problem all the time! And now wondering if its something I could have had fixed??

Hopefully Kathleen and I can get together soon for my favorite section of trail in Forest park. Its the best of both worlds when you can soak in the beauty of nature, deep in the woods for ten miles of trail, and then pop out into the city and have lunch at the cafe.

Here’s a couple of keepers I managed to snag today, in spite of the exposure issues.

Dsc 7947Bwsm

Dsc 8106Sm

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  1. Kathleen Says:

    Way to go Zoe. Can’t wait to go hiking. Glad to hear you had fun at MF, I had a blast. It was a good hike. I wish I could take good pics like you did. Love them!!

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