My new lens is here

And the focus is great!

As many know already, Jason and I have been working very hard to get my photography business off the ground. I do all the photography and editing, and Jason is my tech man. He is working on the website, and produces the custom DVD slideshows, available to clients with portrait orders.

It looks like the slideshows and my custom collage prints are going to be a hit! I’ve done a few for my sample collection (and for ourselves!) and they are gorgeous. You’ll see a mini sample in our birthday cards for Isaac’s fifth coming up.

Mr. Serious:) He’s our little rule book who also knows just how to phrase his desires for 100% success. The other day, as we drove through a mini mart lot, he says, “I’m kinda thirsty. Ummm, I kinda want a Jamba Juice.” We had just passed one, of course.

And it worked. He already knows “I WANT ONE!” does not work. Such a smart smart boy.

Dsc 0018

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  1. me----omi Says:

    ummm……Zoe? Im kinda thirsty. I kinda want a jamba juice too.
    did it work? I don’t see the juice anywhere. hmmmm bummer

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