Rain rain go away

Softball season is back, and we all played out in the rain tonight. I should specify: Jason played softball, the kids ran around in their down coats, and I played recess aid. I looked like a drowned rat, by the time it was over, with my stringy hair sticking to my face.

By the way, I’m not usually a “product girl,” but my hair dresser hooked me up with thee sweetest flat iron, the InfraShine. I had this clunky WIDE s.o.b that took forever to heat up and did a craptastic job at making my hair look semi-straight/frizzy and dry.

I got this baby home and it took SECONDS to heat up and does an amazing job! Somehow my hair looks shiny and healthy, instead of course and dry.

Okay, end of commercial:)

Maybe you remember this little tree that fell over in our back yard, two months ago? Yup, its still there. I finally called someone about it, and he’s coming to chop it up on Saturday.

And yet another boring insight into my life…the last three days, we’ve had a cardinal/robin/whatever duking it out with his own reflection in our bedroom window. Apparently the real estate in that tree is worth fighting himself for. Just when I think he’s finally exhausted himself out and moved on, he dives at the window again, kicking and pecking. THREE DAYS!

Hopefully I can get more photos of the kids this weekend. I bought a new slideshow program, and can’t wait to add one to my blog, Muuuwahahaha!!!!

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  1. Wendy Says:

    hiya zoe! checking out your blog from over at ilp. man, i didn’t realize there were so many ilp’rs in the area. what cute boys you have! i’ve got 2 girls about the same age… and i know some of the other ladies do too. hmmm wonder if we should do a kid playdate/photoshoot/ilp get together combo? I could find a couple of babysitters to provide some entertainment and supervision of the kids and everyone could chip in…
    keep in touch

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