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My new lens is here

And the focus is great!

As many know already, Jason and I have been working very hard to get my photography business off the ground. I do all the photography and editing, and Jason is my tech man. He is working on the website, and produces the custom DVD slideshows, available to clients with portrait orders.

It looks like the slideshows and my custom collage prints are going to be a hit! I’ve done a few for my sample collection (and for ourselves!) and they are gorgeous. You’ll see a mini sample in our birthday cards for Isaac’s fifth coming up.

Mr. Serious:) He’s our little rule book who also knows just how to phrase his desires for 100% success. The other day, as we drove through a mini mart lot, he says, “I’m kinda thirsty. Ummm, I kinda want a Jamba Juice.” We had just passed one, of course.

And it worked. He already knows “I WANT ONE!” does not work. Such a smart smart boy.

Dsc 0018

Jason tests out a new photography toy…

While I had to work. Nice shot, Hubbin!!! I can’t wait to take some pics of my own tomorrow.

Dsc 0020Sm
Since the yard cleanup I posted about, the weather has been great and the kids have been playing outside all day.

Isaac tosses pine cones around, and recites an interesting dialog of some Transformer episode in his head, while Xander carries and throws a baseball and two softballs around. Its amazing how they each have their own “thing.”

Finally had the fallen tree cleaned up

And we have our yard back!!!!!

It was awesome to watch the transformation. After the tree was sectioned off, the valuable wood was cut and stacked. The rest of the branches were shot through a wood chipper out front. Isaac and Xander were impressed with the chipper, and watched from the window.

Dsc 7740

Many of the branches were broken on this tree, close to the house, when it caught the top of the fallen tree. The tree guy shimmied up there and trimmed it back nicely, leaving the big branch we’ve designated for a tree swing.

Dsc 7755
Dsc 7761Sm

And tomorrow we mow for the first time this spring. I love it!

Please, no more pictures

Dsc 7736Sm

Sigh of relief

After a great photo shoot a couple weeks ago, my camera suddenly would NOT focus where I wanted it to. I was getting a sick feeling that either my skills were off, or my camera was needing repair.

Jason suggested I switch out lenses and see if it might be the lens. Sure enough, I put the kit lens on and, voila, no problems. Phew! So I guess its my 50mm. The kit lens isn’t quite as sharp, but at least it places its focus where I set it. A new lens is on the way…

Here’s my Iz. I’ve been having a tough time capturing the Isaac as we know him. I think I’ve finally done it here. He’s going to be FIVE next month. :::::sniff::::::

Dsc 7688Small-1Dsc 7687Small-1

Rain rain go away

Softball season is back, and we all played out in the rain tonight. I should specify: Jason played softball, the kids ran around in their down coats, and I played recess aid. I looked like a drowned rat, by the time it was over, with my stringy hair sticking to my face.

By the way, I’m not usually a “product girl,” but my hair dresser hooked me up with thee sweetest flat iron, the InfraShine. I had this clunky WIDE s.o.b that took forever to heat up and did a craptastic job at making my hair look semi-straight/frizzy and dry.

I got this baby home and it took SECONDS to heat up and does an amazing job! Somehow my hair looks shiny and healthy, instead of course and dry.

Okay, end of commercial:)

Maybe you remember this little tree that fell over in our back yard, two months ago? Yup, its still there. I finally called someone about it, and he’s coming to chop it up on Saturday.

And yet another boring insight into my life…the last three days, we’ve had a cardinal/robin/whatever duking it out with his own reflection in our bedroom window. Apparently the real estate in that tree is worth fighting himself for. Just when I think he’s finally exhausted himself out and moved on, he dives at the window again, kicking and pecking. THREE DAYS!

Hopefully I can get more photos of the kids this weekend. I bought a new slideshow program, and can’t wait to add one to my blog, Muuuwahahaha!!!!


Have you seen It’s a Big Big World? It seems they finally figured out how to turn a bunch of pot smoking friends, “passing the bowl,” into a children’s show. Seriously, 10:30am…turn it on and tell me that sloth puppet is not feeling the herb?

A big big hit with Iz and Xan…

Dsc 6881Smbw