We used to be such a quiet family

Now, wherever we go, a shroud of loud screeching accompanies us.

We walked through the grocery store tonight, and from the time we arrived to well after we left, Xander was making his presence known. It seems he has entered into this new phase of squealing, yelling and screaming his protest all day long. Most likely testing out his ability to make things happen?

For example, he starts out in the carrier, screaming to get out of it and into the cart. Then he quickly screams to get back in the carrier. When I try to avoid the game by sticking with a firm “no,” I get screamed out very loudly for a long time. His focus and commitment to his cause is impressive!

In public, as people start staring our way, I find myself “checking out” a little. My brain fogs over and I start to tune out his noise and ignore the on-lookers. I guess its time for another bout of parenting books, because I am at a complete loss for what to do.

Where is the volume button on these kids? Another reason I love photographs…they look so serene here, don’t they? My little lovies.

Dsc 5124Bw

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  1. Kathleen Says:

    Sent you my email and website, check it out. I try to update it at least once a week, but I slack most of the time!!

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