Had a nice afternoon with my friend Tina

We just chatted while the boys ran wild. Isaac always has a great time playing with Luke and Ethan. They were being so quiet, and I discovered them in a bedroom hunkered over Operation Shrek, lol.

Dsc 4609

Xander turns into a shy guy, from his usual LOUD self, and checks out Jack cautiously.

Dsc 4624

Dsc 4617

2 Responses to “Had a nice afternoon with my friend Tina”

  1. omers Says:

    xander was probably like “crap, is this another foster kid? Do I have to bust out a can of whoop ass again!?”

  2. aundi Says:

    That is great omers you are so haha funny… (picture me HAHA ing when you read this!) 🙂

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