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Jason blogs again!

He has such a lovely way of summing up our goings-on. So if you want more than just photos (ha!), you can get an actual synopsis of our lives here.


Dsc 5229Small

Preschool not so beneficial?

Interesting article here.

Grandma Louise, 95

We love you!

Dsc 5091S

Its not Pottery Barn

Dsc 5080S


Chopped fingers, but isn’t he sweet?

Dsc 5021-1

Finally working on black and whites

First attempt…er, okay, second attempt. Just my little Iz man. All previous b/w photos have been actions created by someone else.

Edited to add in a third try: I need some theory! Editing without rhyme or reason is killing me. But I liked this one better, and saved the settings.

Dsc 4959Sz2

Dsc 4959Zs

iLife ’06

We just upgraded our Macs with iLife ’06. I opened up the new iPhoto and was playing around with the new features. Usually I just use iPhoto to import my photos, and ignore the “tools” because I have Photoshop, but this edge blurring action is kinda fun.

Don’t forget, you can always click the photos to see it bigger (this one is hard to see).

Dsc 4917

I love these guys!

Dsc 4686S

In the park

Dsc 4925S

Dsc 4821S

Dsc 4718S