Four year old’s know best

Isaac: “Can you get me some milk?”
Me: “Do you want rice milk, or do you prefer cow’s milk?
Isaac: Yes, but its not actually cow’s milk.”
Me: “Um, yes. They actually get the milk from a cows boob.” (said as I am pointing to the picture of a cow on the label)
Isaac: “No they don’t. Well they don’t get chocolate milk from a cow. ”
Me: “They get the white milk from the cow, and mix the chocolate in.”
Isaac: “No they don’t”
Me: “Okay.”

Alright, so its not called a “boob.” Its an utter.

2 Responses to “Four year old’s know best”

  1. sis Says:

    smack him…..just smack him

  2. kim Says:

    Haha!! Gosh aren’t four year olds great?!?!!

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