Biz talk

Our first venture into the rental biz, has been a sloooow start. We rushed into buying a new house before the old one was completely ready. A lot of projects are unfinished, including the deck we need to build.

We’ve had the house cleaned, and are trying to get things completed. But the going is slow, for lack of funds, energy and free time.

Regardless of its state of readiness, we put up the For Rent sign to see what kind of action we might get…because, who knows, maybe someone out there doesn’t care that half the doors are new and white, and the rest are old and dark.

After several weeks of calls, a bunch of wasted rental applications and a lot of time wasted on the phone and appointments, we have finally taken down the For Rent sign. We decided to finish our projects first, and then get more aggressive with advertising in the paper. The drive-by’s have proven to NOT be the kind of renter we are looking for.

After I listen to the big story of why they need to move, I have to come up with a polite way of saying how little I care about their story. All I care about is the background and credit check..and then I don’t hear from them again.

We are learning so much, though. I can’t believe how nervous Jason was the first time he showed the house. Ha! Now I am getting so bold on the phone, to let people know the requirements up front.

I just hope we can get it occupied soon.

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