Let’s see. We still have Michael…

I believe it was Wednesday, the 4th, I sent the email to end our fostering experience. I did get a call fairly quickly that evening. Michael’s info has been sent to the “placement desk” and they are working on finding a home to transition him to. I was told it would probably “not happen in the next couple days.”

That means not the weekend either, of course. These things have a way of getting placed on the back burner, so to speak, unless you make yourself heard loud and clear. So I will be putting out another round of emails and calls, on Tuesday.

My mom offered to give us a night out on Friday, but less than an hour into it we were summoned back because Michael was too much. AAhahhahahhahahah!!!! In less than one hour she went from telling me how sweet he is, and that he does listen well…to next time “If you still have ‘HIM’ we should plan it for your house, that is more baby proofed.”

Its so sad. He really is the cutest little guy. I am going through so much guilt and doubt these past days. But, dang, he is soooo much work. And obviously its not easy to get someone else to give me a break.

I’ll be packing his clothes and toys the next couple days, mulling over what a rotten parent I am, questioning how I can abandon him like this? I keep thinking he needs to be the only child to get the attention he needs. What if they move him to a foster home with a load of kids, and he ends up too much for the next home too? That is my fear. That my transfer will be the start of many, for him.

So many mixed emotions, for my little Michael…



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  1. binarydad Says:

    Wow. Just like that, it’s over. M is packed, bathed, dressed, and fed. He has gone to his new foster home, to the next stage in his young life and today is probably the last we’ll ever see or hear…

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