Happy 2nd birthday, Xander!!!

Its been a poorly planned celebration this year, as we still need to organize his party for his birthday yesterday, January 7th.

We had a wonderful snow storm two years ago, when Jason and I slowly drove to the hospital to welcome Xander into our family. After a quick two hour delivery, we held him in our arms.

For some reason, he looks like such a beef in this photo, but if you could see how extremely tiny those cloth diapers are, it would put it into perspective.

My little munchkin, at six weeks, looking uber cute. This was about the time, I was freaking out trying to juggle two kids and still maintain my hip, social life, if you remember this terrible day.

Xan 1Small
And here’s my pumpkin at about one year. Unbelievable cuteness! I don’t hardly go out anymore because we get harassed by model scouts…ugh!

Someone please stop me…here he is at about 18 months, I’m guessing, sleeping. Mmmmmm, that little baby elbow.

And a quick snapshot of Xander today. We’ll try to get more with his party.


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