Not a good sign

The last two days, my mind has been running over the potential dialogue of calling and requesting that Michael be moved to another foster home. I think about what I would say, and how I would feel. How would Jason feel? How would the caseworker respond? And what would happen to Michael?

Would he be devastated? Would this be the final disappointment in his life, to send him spiraling into “Reactive Attachment Disorder”.

This placement has not been a great fit from the start. The two little ones are so close in age, they fight all day. Jason and I have been on survival mode, since the day he came, and I am wondering if foster parenting is not for us, at this time in our lives.

Michael has been a sweet little guy, but already exhibits a lot of the characteristics of attachment disorder. The guilt of letting him down, has kept us from making the call, from day one. But every day, I squeeze him and kiss him, feed him and change him…but in the back of my mind, I just wish DHS would call and tell us he is being moved.

I am sooooo tired.

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