Merry Christmas!

It was a fun morning for us. The kids are still young enough to take the time to play with toys, between opening gifts. We still have to coax them along, to pick out another present.

This years hit, with both Xander and Michael, is the Play Gumball Machine. The balls transfer to the Pound A Ball we’ve been enjoying for a long time now. So we’ve had both toys out together, and they’ve been playing with it off and on all day.

Isaac has been loving his new Transformers, and watched an episode of his new Beast Wars, second season DVD set.

I should also mention how impressed I have been with the wooden toys Target has, under the brand Little Tree. They don’t show up on their website, but the same toys show up under another brand “Imaginarium” that is owned by Toys R Us now.

We have bought several things. The prices are unbelievably low, and the quality is high. Not a combination I expect, usually. For example, the 70 piece train set, pictured below (we glued to our coffee table ), was $12.00, purchased two years ago.

This Christmas, I bought a set of 100 assorted wooden blocks for $10.00, and a set 50 jumbo, wooden alphabet blocks for $10.00. A ton of great quality blocks! I stacked them up and knocked them down myself. Two thumbs up!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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4 Responses to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Zoe Says:

    Om-dog, by the time we’re done with the table, it will be perfect for your baby, Nova. ;o)

  2. om-dog sup wit it Says:

    What?! Did you say you glued the train set to your coffee table?! And to think, one day I was going to take that table from you……as I say, “kids these days”

  3. Casey Says:

    Nova? What is that all about? Anyway, this just gives Jason another project to play with tools. I am sure he is looking forward to re-finishing the table.

  4. om-dog sup wit it Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    p.s. It’s Zia now didn’t you know?

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