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Browsing up on some fellow Portland bloggers, I realize how much we’ve been under a rock. People out and about, hitting the city shops and coffee shops; we’re out here in suburbia land, surviving each day with three kids.

I loved loved loved it when I lived in the city, cruising around in my old VW Bug. I lived in the top corner apartment on the corner of NW Davis and 22nd, looking over the entire down town and industrial sides. At night, we’d sit at the window, overlooking the city lights, and drink cocktails. Then dress up and roll down the hill a few blocks to a club, Embers…or, what was that great place under the Burnside bridge? They had Dahlia playing every Tuesday night. I really think she is the absolute greatest singer out of Portland.

And what ever happened to Tony Starlight?? That show was hilarious! He must be in Vegas now.

I just miss the business outside. Cruising over to Cinema 21 to see what odd film is playing, maybe catching a foreign film or a ballet. It seems like such a chore now to drive the distance to Portland for an outing.

I would totally move to the city if:
1. We could find affordable housing (to buy), that is big enough
2. Nope, I guess #1 was the only thing holding us back.
3. Damn.
4. Why are we so set on home ownership?
5. But if we rent, we won’t have any place to park.
6. Maybe we could ditch the car.
7. What would Jason do with all of his man gadgets he keeps in the garage?
8. And this is where I abandon the fantasy.

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  1. Barbra Says:

    I think about those time with fondness. I still live in the city, but those nights of dressing up and going out have been abandoned. Once in a blue moon I will put forth the effort. Maybe this next week while I have the time off. Living in inner southeast there is a lot to do in walking distance, and you don’t have to dress too fancy. However, my days of hanging out in smokey bars is dwindling. The non-smoking facilities are cool, but usually have a high cover charge. You’re definitely in a good place. I would love to buy a house out here, but the only affordable housing for me in Portland is located east of 82nd avenue or north Portland. Two areas that I am not wanting to move to. Personally, I would just like a better apartment.
    Dahlia is playing on new years eve at some club in town. Eiter the Ohm (under the Burnside Bridge) or Holocene (on the east side, no smoking, can have a hefty cover charge). I may need to get out and take part some new years eve festivities. I would rather rent a house at the beach and have a party.

  2. Zoe Says:

    Sweet! I would love to see Dahlia again. I have her CD with the band Imogene, but none with Jen and her didgeridoo wizard.
    I would tell you to come check out the lovely rental we have out here (ha ha!), but you probably want to be closer to your job, eh?

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