Tell Me Again…

…why people choose to be foster parents?

After speaking with our “certifier” today, we got a hard dose of reality. Its easy to learn about the process, take the classes and even sign up for the job. Its an entirely different experience to actually do the job.

Our little 18 month old could possibly be with us for over a year, or more. After two weeks, I can really see us all falling in love with him, and he is already incredibly attached to us. The reality of it is sinking in. At three years old, he will still be a great candidate for a quick adoption, if things don’t work out with his family…

But, what will that be like for him, and for us? It will be like losing one of my own children.

I knew this was part of it. I know foster parents can still have a wonderful impact. The love he gets from us will stay with him forever, in his confidence, self esteem, and ability to have meaningful relationships. That’s why I signed up.

But, I am still having a hard time imagining a year from now, especially when we are just now starting to get to know this little guy. Its hard to let my heart know its okay to love him, even though I know I will have to say goodbye.

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