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Merry Christmas!

It was a fun morning for us. The kids are still young enough to take the time to play with toys, between opening gifts. We still have to coax them along, to pick out another present.

This years hit, with both Xander and Michael, is the Play Gumball Machine. The balls transfer to the Pound A Ball we’ve been enjoying for a long time now. So we’ve had both toys out together, and they’ve been playing with it off and on all day.

Isaac has been loving his new Transformers, and watched an episode of his new Beast Wars, second season DVD set.

I should also mention how impressed I have been with the wooden toys Target has, under the brand Little Tree. They don’t show up on their website, but the same toys show up under another brand “Imaginarium” that is owned by Toys R Us now.

We have bought several things. The prices are unbelievably low, and the quality is high. Not a combination I expect, usually. For example, the 70 piece train set, pictured below (we glued to our coffee table ), was $12.00, purchased two years ago.

This Christmas, I bought a set of 100 assorted wooden blocks for $10.00, and a set 50 jumbo, wooden alphabet blocks for $10.00. A ton of great quality blocks! I stacked them up and knocked them down myself. Two thumbs up!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Dsc 4152

The kids are Asleep…

And we are wrapping presents. I totally forgot about stockings. We haven’t hung them up, nor did I buy anything for them. ooops!

My parents used to have us hang tube socks, and they’d be loaded up with an apple and an orange…woooohoo:) We, at least have some nice Christmasy stockings. Maybe they’ll come out just for Christmas morning.

Oregon bloggers

Browsing up on some fellow Portland bloggers, I realize how much we’ve been under a rock. People out and about, hitting the city shops and coffee shops; we’re out here in suburbia land, surviving each day with three kids.

I loved loved loved it when I lived in the city, cruising around in my old VW Bug. I lived in the top corner apartment on the corner of NW Davis and 22nd, looking over the entire down town and industrial sides. At night, we’d sit at the window, overlooking the city lights, and drink cocktails. Then dress up and roll down the hill a few blocks to a club, Embers…or, what was that great place under the Burnside bridge? They had Dahlia playing every Tuesday night. I really think she is the absolute greatest singer out of Portland.

And what ever happened to Tony Starlight?? That show was hilarious! He must be in Vegas now.

I just miss the business outside. Cruising over to Cinema 21 to see what odd film is playing, maybe catching a foreign film or a ballet. It seems like such a chore now to drive the distance to Portland for an outing.

I would totally move to the city if:
1. We could find affordable housing (to buy), that is big enough
2. Nope, I guess #1 was the only thing holding us back.
3. Damn.
4. Why are we so set on home ownership?
5. But if we rent, we won’t have any place to park.
6. Maybe we could ditch the car.
7. What would Jason do with all of his man gadgets he keeps in the garage?
8. And this is where I abandon the fantasy.

Clearing out my iPhoto

Its been about seven months since we bought the Nikon D70. Its been a very slow learn, teaching myself how to use it in manual mode. As a result, my iPhoto is bogged down with over 2000 crappy photos.

I am cracking myself up, looking back at my photos. I bought some blue paper…set up some lights from Home Depot and got some “beauties” such as these:

Dsc 1006

Dsc 1087

Dsc 1042

This one just freaks me out. Xander’s eyes look so crazy. It must have been the weird Starbucks lighting.

Dsc 1821

The likeness is uncanny…I wouldn’t know which neck to nuzzle.

Except, hottie #2 really has no neck.

Jason is working on a new design for Royalmom, instead of reloading the old one, (this current look, is just the temporary stock job since we moved), and he was having some fun with the South Park character builder…I can’t wait to see what he does with it.



All Offending Objects Into The Playpen, For Some Respite!

And I mean all of them!

Dsc 4040Small

One Of The Joys Of Being A Foster Parent

…is the chance of “company” stopping by any day. The typical pattern has been for a social worker, certifier, or legal assistant to make an appointment for next week. On the day of the appointment, I get a call asking if we can change the appointment time from 1:30 to 5:00pm. This has happened three times now.

This last time was no different, except at 5:00 NO ONE SHOWED UP!!! Or even called.

Of course, the next day, just as I lay down for a nap, the phone rings and the appointment must be squeezed in today. Just to make sure I’m not wasting my time, waiting all day, I asked her to come over as soon as possible and get it over with.

Now the good part…She wanted to see the rest of my bedrooms, not just the living
room. Yeah, that’s right, clothes all over the place, bed unmade, drawers hanging out. The real, I’m-barely-having-time-to-get-myself-dressed look.

And while I’m quickly trying to re-close the bedroom door, I smash two small fingers of my two year old. While I’m attending to the two small fingers, Michael pulls down one of the oak dining room chairs, practically on top of himself. Now imagine all of this with very loud crying.

House messy
Kids being harmed
Unsafe environment, with dangerous chairs.

I begged her to please make a note of all this! I am probably totally unfit as a parent.

Unfortunately she tried to reassure me that she’s seen a lot of homes and we “are doing really good here.” So, I guess it wasn’t the guilt-free out I was hoping for.





One, Two, Three…




Dsc 4010-1



Bubs and Bitty Bubs

Dsc 3893Small

The Black Hole

Is it possible for an 18 month old to be emotionally eating? This guy eats an incredible amount of food, and asks for more all day long.

Here he is tonight, after eating 14 cheese-stuffed tortellonis with tomato sauce, and a side of pineapple chunks. After cleaning him up and letting him down from the highchair, he’ll run off to play for about five minutes before coming back to cruise the table for scraps.

Img 3978 Copy
I gave him a graham cracker in the car one day, and now, as soon as the car dar is opened to get in, he starts saying “cookie? cookie?? Hungy!”