One Week Into Parenting Three

Things are a lot tougher than we imagined. Xander is really not liking the situation, and the love-hate relationship has turned into a simple hate relationship.

His actions toward Michael are downright abusive. We have to keep them separated. Plus, Xander is getting sick, and waking up every hour at night, ALL WEEK LONG. I keep thinking this can’t go on another night. I am losing my mind with exhaustion. How can I take a nap with two toddlers? I can’t.

Today, they both refused a nap and sweet Michael has had some interesting tantrums, with a deep, growling cry. During this tantrum, he won’t let me rock him or console him. Then a few minutes later, he is suddenly cheerful and playing again.

Jason and I both keep asking ourselves, how much longer can we do this?? Its only been a week. Will it get better, or is Xander going to be angry toward Michael the entire time? Will we ever get a full night’s sleep…ever?

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