Almost 30, Wowzers!

A month ago I was cramming for the “exam,” by trying to lose the last of my pregnancy chub. I did manage to lose five pounds, putting me 5 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight (15 pounds from ultimate goal weight).

Last week, I went to the salon for a hip hair cut and did a little clothes shopping.

I think I’m ready. I just need to look over past and present life goals, to make sure I’m on track.

Financial Goals:
1. Completed will. (completed, but not signed)
2. Pay off all non mortgage debt.
3. Purchase rental property.
4. 15% of income to retirement funds. (currently 6% while building savings)
5. 3-6 months worth of living expenses in savings. (rebuilding this after home purchase)
6. Pay off mortgages. (depressing)

Personal Goals:
1. Awesome hubby/life partner.
2. Two babies.
3. Eat healthier and reach optimal weight. (15 pounds away)
4. Foster parenting (nearly certified: application submitted, and 3 classes left)
5. Travel: Japan, Europe, Australia

I guess that’s enough for now. You’d think I am a major type A personality reading this, but I am so type B. The milestone of turning 30 has turned out to be much more of an event, for me, than I ever imagined. I am guessing it has to do with the fact that my kids are 4 and almost 2, my life has calmed down from the baby phase, and I have plenty of time to think again.




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