Have I mentioned the fostering thing?

I think I’ve thrown it out there, in a couple comments. Jason and I are taking classes to be certified foster parents.
We’re on week two of the general certification, and I’ve already completed a “Fragile Infant Care” class. Jason is really getting on board with my fostering interest, especially after the first class. But, now we have the difficult decision of which age will be right for our family. Neither of us wants to take children older than our 4 year old.
Jason doesn’t want a newborn, but I am starting to think more and more that I do want a newborn. A little less sleep at night, but also a lot less behavioral issues. I’ve been gleaning a lot information from a fostering forum, and they’re scaring me with all the behavioral issues! Attatchment disorder, aggression, sexually acting out on pets and other children…these poor kids! I feel so terrible for these abused kids. But we also have to protect our own kids, and think about what we are willing to take on, very carefully.
Also, when I initially called for information, I was told they would love to have us open for newborns (drug exposed, and straight from the hospital), since I’m a nurse. I’m guessing they are frequently sent home with medications to ease the withdrawls, and an RN is required.
So many variables to consider…

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