Jason: The Main Attraction

Hi! I would like to formally introduce *the* hottest guy, this side of the web. His big guns are amazing and his kissy lippies…mmmmm!!! That’s right, he’s my hubbin’, Jason.

Somehow his beautiful mug totally missed my last post. I was doing a series of me, all my siblings and our folks. Unfortunately, the only shots of us together were out of focus. So here he is! J-dogg, Bubbles, Bubs, Bubblicious, Babe, J-man and Beef Butt.

Dsc 2901

Super Dad

Dsc 3039

Dsc 3041

“Oh yeah!” So cool in his new Transformers (Megatron) club shirt, in support of our four year old’s current passion.

Dsc 3167

I love you, Buttmunch!

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  1. jason Says:

    Buttmunch? Where did that come from? Other than that, it’s nice to finally see some appreciation around this joint!

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