Whew! I’m back.

I got the new Mac Mini a while back, and have not set up a new blog posting program until now. Well, Royal Dad had to set it up for me, so that had a little to do with it.

Isaac just turned four! I can tell already, four is going to be a great year. He is becoming a little man, with great conversation and intelligent ideas. Lets test out inserting a photo now….

Dsc 1551

Hmmm, that seemed a lot easier than the old system, until it showed up rotated. Blech! Lets try a few more.

Here is our new car!

Dsc 0762
We bought a 1966 Plymouth Fury, and it is one sweet cruiser, Baby.

Okay, moving on to to the family: Here is a better shot of Isaac in all his four year old glory. At the pool…

Dsc 0584

At the restaurant…

Dsc 0838

Xander (16 months now)

Dsc 1347

Dsc 0718

Can’t leave out my big honey…

Dsc 0695

He’s going for the intellectual look with some false teeth. 🙂 I love him…teeth and all! ha ha ha…

Okay, let’s give this a try. If all posts well, you can look forward to more activity on Royalmom.com!

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