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Times Have Changed

Reminiscing through some old photos, I found this great one of me and my cousin Tracy. She came to visit the West Coast from her New Jersey home, when we were both about 22 or 23 years old. I tried to show her how “cool” we are over here, by overwhelming her with clubs every night and hosting a “Pimp and Ho” party.

She’s blonde and I’m not. She lives on the East Coast, and I on the West, but we are actually quite alike and spend every minute of our time together laughing so hard. The kind of laughing that brings up tears.
Now we are both married, we enjoy discussions of home improvements, over dates. 🙂 She has a nine moth old baby girl, Olivia. And I have my two boys.

Here we are at the start of her LONG induction last April; she is showing off her nine month baby belly, and I am clutching my three month post-partum fat roll. A little different than the fish-nets and garters, eh?

Img 1819

Now her little girl is quite a beauty!


And our baby’s are only three months apart!


I can’t leave out my big boy, Isaac…


If only we could get together more often. I love you, Cousin!