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Ho Ho Ho!

Lots of change in the Royal family! First, we said goodbye to our Toyota SUV and bought a used minivan. That’s right. A minivan. After the initial sting, the pain really does subside. After all, we still know how cool we are. Plus, with NO car payments we have an extra chunk of change every month. So neener neener! By the way, in case you are wondering, we aren’t sporting around in a Sienna or an Odyssey. Oh no. We now have a blue Plymouth Grand Voyager (’97, to be exact). As cheap as they come, Baby. Not too bad, actually.

Img 3230

We picked up out Christmas tree at the Noble, U cut, farm (in our new van!). It was a small one this year, and fit in the back of the car.

Img 3235

Img 3228
Img 3229-1

The next day, Royal Dad and I took a snowshoeing class on Mt. Hood. There was only a few inches of snow, but we got the gist of it, and a little exercise too. Maybe you can see RD is growing a beard. Another little change, we’re not sure how long will last. 😉

Img 3248

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Isaac’s class had their Christmas program, and put on quite a show. Every song had some hand motions. Our little guy was awesome! He’s not a big singer, but did all the motions and smiled at us a lot. Plus, he got to stand next to his best friend, Livvy. Isaac is the only kid wearing jeans.

Img 3277

Since starting Montessori, he is beginning to recognize letters more. I told him M.O.M spells “mom” and yesterday he wrote it for me! He also signs his name all the time: Ilo. Just like that. His name doesn’t have an “o” or an “L” but he does it the same each time, and tells me its his name. Looks absolutely perfect to me!

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