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The Funk Is Over

The newest excitement, to hit the Royal family, is a renewed interest in the 1970 VW Bug project. The car has been out of commission for the last four years, in the torn-down-ready-to-rebuild mode, collecting dust. One of my fantasies has been to get it put together, with a beautiful new interior, and take the family for a fun trip to the beach in it….or, anywhere as long as it’s drivable.
Royal Dad was receptive to my “gentle” nudge, and has been actively finishing it! It now has a gorgeous new carpet, new seats and door panels. The windows are all tinted and in good working order. The car is lowered and all the lights work. The only thing left is a bit of primer and a few details (albeit, the details themselves could take years!).
The first photo was taken two years ago, when the new headliner was being installed. The car was pretty much gutted down to its metal frame. No windows. No nothing.
Now it looks like this, with all the windows in and the new carpet and seats! The front hood will be primered now, and painted later. I’m just so happy to be able to play with my old toy again.
Soon, people. We will be cruising in our pimped out ride, and the envy of the entire town…mmmuuwahhhhhaaaahaha!
Xander, at six months, thinks food is a fun thing to play with. But when it comes to actually eating it, that’s a big fat “NO WAY!”
Isaac would like to discuss the latest hot topic of same-sex marriage and why it should be legal, to allow for marriage rights for everyone. He thinks to deny gay and lesbian couples the same legal rights allowed to heterosexual couples is reminiscent of rights denied to blacks and other minorities, not too long ago.
Isaac, I agree with you whole-heartedly, but now is not the time to discuss this. I asked you to CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM!!!!