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Random This And That Post

The last month has been consumed with knitting, until my sweater for Xander was finally finished. It turned out well, after a few bouts of cursing, ripping back work, and crawling to the yarn store for some “urgent care.” It looks like it will last through the next winter…and maybe the winter after next. So, I am pleased. In fact, after a little knitting respite I might start up a sweater for Isaac too.
I have been asked several times if I am making one for each of the boys. It seems I’ll be a poor excuse for a mother if I don’t keep the knitting love equal! So, next winter, both boys will be wrapped snug in my knitted love.
The onset of summer, has renewed our interest in home improvements. Royal Dad built a nice bamboo fence in the backyard. One more gate, at the side of the house, and we can leave the dog outside, without constant supervision. If we had the fence a couple years ago, maybe Isaac’s first sentence would not have been, “Luke! Come here! Shit!” as he mimicked me calling the dog back inside.
The boys both had their pictures taken, in matching outfits. The photographer used an all black backdrop, so they look like a couple floating heads. Makes me wonder why I went to all the trouble to match their clothes, and do the last minute drool/dirt inspection!
One last thing: As promised, I’d like to show-and-tell RDs first knitting project. This toy ball, is great for the baby to chew on, and get wet with drool. Now he’s working on a wool teddy bear.