Knitting Is Not Just For Old Ladies

In my reading section, I mentioned buying the book Stitch ‘N Bitch and my plans to start up the craft of knitting. Now I have two books, several sets of various sizes and styles of knitting needles, yarn needles, stitch markers, stitch holders, crochet hook, yarn, yarn and more yarn.
I’ve knitted up a few things and now I am obsessed with knitting. The pride from a completed project is euphoric! I’ve actually roped Royal Dad into trying it out, and now we are both hooked on the wool. I am making booties, hats and now a sweater is in the works. RD has knitted up coasters and is working on a soft toy ball for the kids.
Here are some photos of my creations…
Wonky hat: not so good…but learning
A little hat for my baby’s big bald head!
As soon as RD is done with his awesome project, I’ll post a photo. So, stay tuned, because I KNOW you want to see it.
“What else is new,” you say?
We all flew to New Jersey to watch RD’s sister walk down the aisle. We got our groove on at the reception, and I got to witness the sweetest combover I have ever seen IN REAL LIFE.
In fact, it was so entrancing it was all I could talk about. I HAD to get close to it, inspect it from every angle. Needing to know who he was, the groom explained his connection to the family and his *twenty* year relationship with the combover. Wow, twenty years! I thought I could sense a kind of confidence, in that do, only achieved with many years of experience.
Oh yeah, Baby, of course I took pictures!
Okay, I should include at least a couple legitimate wedding photos. Here’s the Bridal Party. My sweet little guy was the ring bearer.
And, I thought this one was pretty of RD’s sister. She looks so much like my hubby, I have to be careful…too much wedding champagne and I might start nibbling on the wrong neck!

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