Royal Dad, My Super Hero

Royal Dad has left to work in the “real” office today, two hours away. Normally he is in his home office available for me to annoy him on occasion. When he takes his lunch hour, I plop fussy baby into his arms and race around doing the things I couldn’t do otherwise. No such convenience today.
Honestly, the “Royal” part of Royal Mom is a joke, but Royal Dad is genuine. He is truly amazing, both as a dad and a husband. Just dealing with two children all day overwhelms me, but RD works all day and then does more…a lot more. He races around cleaning up the clutter, cleans the kitchen, does a load of laundry and makes dinner.
During the day, he takes a break from work and runs out for a soda and always asks if I’d like anything. Even though I’d rather have the nonfat iced mocha from the coffee shop, instead of the 7-11 brew, he is happy to make the extra stop for me.
If the baby is fussing, as he often does, RD is the master baby calmer. During the middle of the night, if baby is still fussing a lot for me, Royal Dad comes to my rescue and magically calms him to sleep on the couch.
I tell him “I love you,” a million times a day, and a million times a day I hear those three precious words echo back to me. I love you babe. You are my rock.

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