Mmm, Shopping. It Must Be Hormones!

Pinching pennies, on my maternity leave, has left me with an itch to shop. The itch comes and goes, even when supported with two incomes, and isn’t satiated until an average of $300.00 is spent. Fortunately its cycle is not as frequent as the 28 (well, 27) day cycle I’m also plagued with, but more like every other month.
My latest itch has acquired me a few new things:
This beautiful diaper bag/tote says “hip mom of two boys!” does it not?
Chunk Boy is getting some bigger cloth diapers, for his growing bubble butt. Destiny from Manyducks is making us some diapers like this one pictured, but different prints.
These things don’t add up to $300.00. Maybe I have some restraint? Or maybe I’m still shopping (evil grin).

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