Hip, But Not Too Hip Web Design Plans

When I decided to try out blogging, I thought I’d first see how the content was going to play out before messing with the overall design. So Jason basically cut and paste the family web design, made a few quick alterations to color and title, and let me get started with posting.
Now that he is helping me personalize the layout, I have to decide exactly what image I want. Do I want young and hip, sophisticated, or maybe show off my kids beautiful faces? Do I want to be a cool mom, a retro mom or (gasp) the tired, post-baby pudgy mom that I really am right now?
Do I want to be able to throw in the occasional swear word? If I have my kids on the front, that would probably eliminate cussing. Too tacky, right? Ah, so much to think about.
In the end, I suppose it shouldn’t be too complicated. I’m just sharing a bit of our goings-on with friends, right? Or maybe just talking to myself in print.
Speaking of “goings-on,” Xander is becoming a monster chunk! We know not of this baby chub. Isaac was Mister Pencil-butt and we keep staring at this big fat head in awe, wondering from where it comes?
Reluctantly, I’ll be calling work and plugging in some shifts for April. This means waking up at 6:00 am, showering, donning scrubs and taking orders from bigger babies. Doctors, that is. I may need to go back to nursing school all over again; my post-partum brain has become flaccid!

5 Responses to “Hip, But Not Too Hip Web Design Plans”

  1. Jason Says:

    By the time it’s finished, you are going to be a young, cool, retro, hip mom with a fabulous looking blog.

  2. Jason Says:

    BTW, just fixed your comments. They weren’t working.

  3. Zoe Says:

    Mmm, they should be flooding in now!

  4. Jason Says:

    Now they are really working!

  5. Mom Bergeman Says:

    Hey , Welcome tothe world of real motherhood and the feeling of does anybody know I exist besides those in nedd of a natures bottle and and dry bottom. Motherhood is awesome but without outside contact it is insanity waiting to happen. Speaking of insanity , you can’t hold anything a mother says against them because along with motherhood comes the right to speak your mind( thast is if after the second bundle of joy you have a mind to think of something to say beside daddada and goo goo.

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