Confessions of an Imperfect Parent

The afternoon spent gabbing with my good friend E, has left me thinking about my parenting style. She has this fantastic way of speaking gently and taking time to explain things softly. I try to do the same, but somehow feels barbaric in comparison. As much as I’d like to be soft and sweet, I think I’ll forever be outspoken and silly. I suppose it’s more of a personality thing, than a parenting style; the result of a sibling of five fighting to be heard, maybe?
So, this leads me to:
10 Shameful Parenting Flaws I’d Like To Improve
1. Raising my voice when frustrated.
2. Realizing a “yes” answer after giving the “no” answer to my toddler, and causing it to look like I’m giving in to begging.
3. Contradicting my husband’s parental decisions in front of our son.
4. Answering to the seductive call of the swing and the bouncy chair, instead of holding my baby more.
5. Continuing to watch the last bit of a Sopranos episode after our toddler has come into the room.
6. Using the TV to baby-sit while I do my stuff.
7. My addiction to soda: My son’s first sip has left him wanting more, and every sip he takes off my drink, the guilt grows bigger. “I’m demineralizing his growing bones!”
8. The fact my son knows what McDonalds is, and makes his request for “chicken nuggets and fries, please.”
9. Having our son tell US we need to “say a blessing for the food from God.” (Thanks, Mom!)
10. “Beep, beep, beep” means dinner’s ready if I’m cooking. Me loves me microwave!

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