Striving For Carefree Sex

Xander is nine weeks now and I reluctantly went to the “six week” post-partum check up. It seems so arbitrary to have the OB doctor checking out my nether region when there is nothing to check. No heartbeat to listen for, no watermelon belly to measure and NO REASON to be checking my cervix. If anything was going wrong, that might go wrong, I’d think I’d have an inkling. No routine appointment necessary; I’d be the first to speak up and say, “I think I’m bleeding to death, I might need some follow-up!”
Never-the-less, I decided to subject myself to the unnecessary probing to get my IUD placed. I’d have to go through the pre-pre-pre appointment shenanigan anyway, I might as well kill two birds with one stone, right?
After all the waiting-room waiting, taking off of the pants, juggling crying infant, unnecessary probing and putting back on of the pants, I go home thinking this will all be worth it in a week when I can have my IUD, and enjoy carefree sex for the next ten years (at which point, I will have to go in for more probing). A few hours later, I get a call from the doctor’s office to inform me my insurance won’t cover it and it will cost me $600.00.
As it is, we’re coasting on the last of our funds until I start back to work. That means no carefree sex for a while, at which point the probing done will have expired and more probing will need to be done.
Ironically, when my insurance was through St. Vincent hospital, everything was covered. The nuns have spoiled me and now I will forever complain about my contraceptive expenses.

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