Isaac is 19!

Isaac turned 19 today!

We’ve been hunkering down at home since early March when the COVID-19 pandemic was announced; only going out for groceries (and me going to work two weekends a month), wearing a mask while out, and a strict decontamination process coming back home.

Isaac’s birthday would have most certainly had him driving off to be with friends, but he stayed home and played online games with his friends over Discord instead. He chose rich homemade foods and dessert.

It was a nice day.

Doing his violin lesson remotely.

Jason and I going out for supplies.

Lotus learns to ride a bike

I have been trying to get my Lotus to learn the joy of cycling, but she was scared and resisted. It finally happened!

It has also helped our sanity to get outdoors, and cruise during this pandemic. She especially loves it when I follow her around in circles and tight turns through a large empty parking lot. “Now you get to see how I can do tight turns!”

The pedals kept hitting her in the calves when she was learning to coast so we made calf guards with tube socks and my china flat shoes shoved inside. It worked!

The Electra kids “rat rod” bike, beloved by all when they grow into it. It is very cozy.

Day three of practice she launched.

Simon is 13!

It was a great Simon Day, adding a third teenager to the family.

We headed over to the bank to open his “high school checking” account, played some games and cooked his choice meal: Kraft mac and cheese and a strawberry rhubarb pie.

…just because he said I was going to try looking at his cards. Ha!

Simon wants to not smile in photos, however he does smile a lot in real life.

This and that

A few photos of us doing stuff.

Thanksgiving dinner: Jason did all the cooking since I had to work. A+

Xander is 16

Christmas 2019

Lotus is 9

My birthday

My birthday wish was a hike and a photo with all my babies. Mission accomplished!

Athens, Greece

Back to the big city, Liz and I flew from Mykonos to Athens to see some of the archeological sites, city life and eat all the foods.The big surprise is the graffiti. It is everywhere, on every wall. A lot of it is tagging, but many are amazing pieces of art! Because the graffiti is unavoidable, shop owners have started hiring artists to cover their own buildings with more professional work.

Liz and I took two bike tours with a smaller company in Athens (Roll In Athens). So small, it was just us and the guide! The first tour was city sites and the second tour took us out to the beach.

My souvenir to myself is custom handmade leather sandals from Melissinos The Poet Sandal Maker shop. He measured the sandals to my feet and did the finishing right there in the shop while I waited with Hoy Hoy, the shop dog.

A few more photos…

Mykonos, Greece

The island of Mykonos felt like a cheap touristy carnival after our week in Istanbul, but the sea and breeze are divine!

The narrow passages winding this way and that way in Mykonos town feels like a maze you can get lost in. Shops showcase repeated themes of linen clothing, jewlery, magnets, hats, and oddly enough, lots of decoratively painted wooden penis bottle openers; something related to an annual phallus festival, I think.

A highlight of our trip was a private yacht tour with a stop on Delos, a small island archeological site, swimming in the blue waters, and the most delicious catered lunch on the boat.